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Pax Vaporizer Review

Reports have it that Pax Vaporizer has become one of the favorites for many living within the average means. And whereas there are many other types that have lately flooded the market, this particular one still stand out.

It is an early edition type of a vaporizer that you would envy to have because of its strengths and performance. It does not leave anything to chance.

All products certainly holds its Positive and Negative features. Check out the list below before deciding which vaporizer really fits you well.

Here are the Pros for the Pax Vaporizer

  • Its small size gives it easy portability since it can easily fit on your bag, purse pr jacket pocket.
  • It has very impressive packaging of good presentation that will definitely catch your attention. This vaporizer is just beautiful.
  • Among many other vaporizers, it has been rated as the easiest to use because it hits up quickly (In less than 1 Minute) and as long as it is in motion, it will remained switched on.
  • You will not experience unwanted flavors. Instead it has very nice flavor as it is made of high quality materials and the design is awesome.
  • The vapor is of good quality and taste and with the availability of three levels of temperatures; you can chose what will suit you. (Low, Medium and High)
  • Pax vaporizer will not disappoint you because its battery life is long enough compared to many others.
  • It’s of amazing performance and a device that many high end users have taken advantage of. On overall rating, it is durable, strong and efficient.
  • Pax is easy to assemble, its spare parts are available and its simplicity makes it easy to clean.
  • Because of its warranty of 10years, users can gave piece of mind sure enough that they have made worth investment in it

With all the good things said, read below the cons

  • While in use, it can produce a strong smell of herb; a smell that is not so friendly.
  • It has been rated as being among the most expensive vaporizers and the price has casually scared off the first times. It is more of a device for the high – end users.
  • Many complain that the mouth piece design is not the best since it acts as the switch and if set on the hot temperature limit, the device can get really hot.

However from the users that have been interviewed and despite the cons, the results are that it is a stylish product.





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